About ObjectFolder-Real

The ObjectFolder Real dataset contains multisensory data collected from 100 real-world household objects. The visual data for each object include three high-quality 3D meshes of different resolutions and an HD video recording of the object rotating in a lightbox; The acoustic data for each object include impact sound recordings recorded at 30–50 points of the object, each of which is 6s long and is accompanied by the coordinate of the striking location on the object mesh, ground-truth contact force profile, and the accompanying video for the impact. The tactile data for each object include tactile readings at the same 30–50 points of the object, with each tactile reading as a video of the tactile RGB images that record the entire gel deformation process and is accompanied by two videos of the contact process from an in-hand camera and a third-view camera.

Dataset Download and Preparation

Use the following command to download the 3D meshes of the 100 objects (you may choose original or simplified versions):

# ~16K faces per mesh
wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/mesh/mesh_16k.tar.gz
tar -xvf mesh_16k.tar.gz
# ~64K faces per mesh
wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/mesh/mesh_64k.tar.gz
tar -xvf mesh_64k.tar.gz
# Full
wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/mesh/mesh_full.tar.gz
tar -xvf mesh_full.tar.gz

Use the following command to download the visual videos of the 100 objects:

wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/vision/videos_1_100.tar.gz
tar -xvf videos_1_100.tar.gz

Use the following command to download the acoustic data of the first 10 objects:

wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/audio/audio_data_1_10.tar.gz
tar -xvf audio_data_1_10.tar.gz

Use the following command to download the tactile data of the first 10 objects:

wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/tactile/tactile_data_1_10.tar.gz
tar -xvf tactile_data_1_10.tar.gz

Similarly, use the following command to download acoustic/tactile data from 11-100:

# replace X with a value in [10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90]
wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/audio/audio_data_[X+1]_[X+10].tar.gz
tar -xvf audio_data_[X+1]_[X+10].tar.gz
wget https://download.cs.stanford.edu/viscam/ObjectFolder_Real/tactile/tactile_data_[X+1]_[X+10].tar.gz
tar -xvf tactile_data_[X+1]_[X+10].tar.gz

Full List of ObjectFolder Real

Index Name Material Index Name Material Index Name Material
1 Soup_Spoon Ceramic 41 Wrench_Large Steel 81 Utensil_Container Wood
2 Bowl Ceramic 42 Pestle Iron 82 Can Glass
3 Salad_Plate Ceramic 43 Mortar Iron 83 Potato_Masher Steel
4 Dinner_Plate Ceramic 44 Sculpture Iron 84 Skimmer Steel
5 Hair_Comb Wood 45 Ladle Iron 85 Pasta_Server Steel
6 Blue_Bowl Glass 46 Spatula Iron 86 Slotted_Spoon Steel
7 Decorative_Plate Glass 47 Decorative_Cast Iron 87 Solid_Turner Steel
8 Mixing_Bowl Ceramic 48 Mixing_Bowl_Large Plastic 88 Ladle Steel
9 Serving_Bowl Ceramic 49 Mixing_Bowl_Middle Plastic 89 Solid_Spoon Steel
10 Soup_Bowl Ceramic 50 Mixing_Bowl_Small Plastic 90 Slotted_Turner Steel
11 Strainer_Spoon Wood 51 Fruit_Bowl Glass 91 Glass_Green Glass
12 Soup_Ladle Wood 52 Fork_Small Steel 92 Glass_Red Glass
13 Serving_Spoon Wood 53 Fork_Large Steel 93 Vase Glass
14 Salad_Fork Wood 54 Spoon_Small Steel 94 Salad_Bowl Glass
15 Mixing_Spoon Wood 55 Spoon_Large Steel 95 Scoop Polycarbonate
16 Frying_Spatula Wood 56 Knife_Large Plastic 96 Box_Lid Polycarbonate
17 8Inch_Skillet Iron 57 Knife_Middle Plastic 97 Stanford_Frisbee Plastic
18 10_dot_25Inch_Skillet Iron 58 Knife_Small Plastic 98 Kettlebell Iron
19 10_dot_5Inch_Griddle Iron 59 Soap_Dish Glass 99 Trim_Removal_Tool Plastic
20 Dutch_Oven Iron 60 Beer_Glass Glass 100 Trim_Removal_Tool_2 Plastic
21 Dutch_Oven_Lid Iron 61 Container_Large Ceramic      
22 Rinsing_Cup Glass 62 Container_Middle Ceramic      
23 Hand_Scoop Plastic 63 Container_Small Ceramic      
24 Shovel_Toy_Red_Large Plastic 64 Mug Ceramic      
25 Shovel_Toy_Green_Small Plastic 65 Vase Ceramic      
26 Handle_Spoon Polycarbonate 66 Plate_Handle Iron      
27 Round_Plate Wood 67 Plate Iron      
28 Square_Plate Wood 68 Plate_Base Wood      
29 Cutting_Board_Large Wood 69 Display_Stand Iron      
30 Cutting_Board_Middle Wood 70 Drop_Funnel Polycarbonate      
31 Cutting_Board_Small Wood 71 Container_Lid Polycarbonate      
32 Wine_Glass Wood 72 Food_Pan Polycarbonate      
33 Drinking_Cup Wood 73 Flowerpot_Large Ceramic      
34 Beer_Mug Wood 74 Flowerpot_Small Ceramic      
35 Portion_Cup_Brown Polycarbonate 75 Vase_Green Ceramic      
36 Portion_Cup_White Polycarbonate 76 Vase_Blue Ceramic      
37 Cake_Pan Steel 77 Vase_Orange Ceramic      
38 Loaf_Pan Steel 78 Swan_Large Ceramic      
39 Wrench_Small Steel 79 Swan_Small Ceramic      
40 Wrench_Middle Steel 80 Spoon_Holder Wood